Cultivate Resilience
or Burn Out.

Coaching and keynotes to learn connected communication,
compassionate personal & team leadership,
and thriving through adversity.

What’s Your Rhubarb Pie:
How Trauma Impacts Choice

See Jacy’s inspiring TEDx talk on
overcoming challenge and
choosing to live with intention.

What would it look like if your organization 
had higher engagement and lower burnout

Build resilience skills for your leaders and team members and find out!


Connected Communication

Knowing what you want to say and how to say it.


Compassionate Leadership

Inspire the best in yourself and others.


Thriving in Adversity

Adversity offers growth as well as challenge. 


how your brain reacts and responds to stress is the foundation of building strong team relationships and communication.

An expert in personal and professional resilience, Jacy Imilkowski shares tools and skills that can be used every day to cultivate resilience in our personal and professional lives.    

Do You Want More resilient Teams?

Download these FREE neuroscience icebreaker activities to enhance communication through your team.

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Jacy’s skills-based training programs are customizable to your wellness program, Learning & Development strategy, conference, and team-building events. Participants receive tools, skills, and strategies they can apply that same day to cultivate resilience, adaptability, and growth when facing challenges. 

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