Do you have:

  •  High empathy (you feel other’s feelings strongly)?
  •  High emotional and social intelligence  (you understand what you and others feel, and why)?
  •  Strong values around service and helping others?

… and often find yourself giving so much to others you have nothing left for yourself?

The good news:

You’re a heart-centered professional! Your capacity for building connections, relationships, and caring for others is out of this world!

The hard part:

Your strengths can leave you vulnerable to exhaustion, overwhelm, and burnout.  

Let’s connect!

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The good news again:
Together we can prevent (or fix) that.

Work with me as your Personal and Professional Development Coach, and together we’ll:
  • Figure out what happiness and fulfillment look like to you personally

  • Identify and achieve specific, resonant goals to achieve happiness and fulfillment

  • Create stronger boundaries to protect your time and energy

  • Stop over-serving others while under-serving yourself

  • Learn to say “no” to taking on more responsibility when you’re already overwhelmed

  • Build confidence and overcome Impostor Syndrome

  • Develop self-compassion in the face of your inner critic

  • Cultivate resilience to prevent (or recover from) burnout

  • Create more ease by assessing and re-balancing competing priorities

  • Celebrate your strengths and successes as you grow and learn along the way!


Bring Jacy In Today

Jacy’s skills-based training programs are customizable to your wellness program, Learning & Development strategy, conference, and team-building events. Participants receive tools, skills, and strategies they can apply that same day to cultivate resilience, adaptability, and growth when facing challenges. 

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