We got great feedback on Jacy’s breakouts at PMI-Madison/South Central’s Professional Development Day this year! She presented in neuroscience, resilience, and core values. All the topics were expertly customized for our project management audience. They were relevant, fun, and engaging, which is key during a long conference day! She made room for lots of discussion and participation while sharing useful tools that could be used immediately. I highly recommend working with Jacy!!

Donna Kuse
Donna Kuse, MA, MBA, PMP

We really appreciated working with Jacy at the 2019 PMI-Vancouver Island Professional Development Conference! Her programs on resilience and core values were a great fit, and she delivered them with such inviting positivity and fun. She really took the time to get to know participants, was engaging, interactive and delivered relevant content that spoke directly to their needs. Jacy made a huge difference, and definitely contributed to the success of the conference! As the Chapter Professional Development Director, I highly recommend Jacy to Organizations and other PMI Chapters.

Zachy Olorunojowon

Jacy’s endnote was rated at 92% and some fantastic comments!

The high energy program “Using Your Brain: The Neuroscience of Expert Project Management Conversations” presentation at International Project Management Day (IPMD) was a highly valued demonstration for our chapter members. Jacy exhibited vast knowledge about what skills a PM needs in order to succeed in sensing and understanding the signs of neurochemical influencing impacts. Then she taught us how to best utilize those skills.

Turns out, over 100 attendees walked out talking about their own experiences and how this presentation opened their eyes to ways to work on their listening and speaking skills. Evaluations from the attendees included:

  • Terrific!
  • Fun!
  • Wish it was at the beginning or earlier in the day.
  • Excellent
  • Great one-on-one speaker
  • Fantastic! Most useful
  • Loved it! She should have had the opening keynote!

I as well and the Rio Grande Chapter of the Project Management Institute highly recommend Jacy for association meetings, workshops, and conferences!

Jacy was very helpful in coaching me while I was creating my speech on the topic of Forgiveness and Suicide Prevention.  She also gave me tips on how to become more animated at the right times in my talk. Thanks to Jacy, I was able to make my speech more for the audience and less for myself, which was exactly what I needed to do. I specifically appreciated that Jacy was direct in helping me see how my talk may affect people on an emotional level, (positively or negatively) and how to be intentionally aware of that.

I helped hire Jacy for a neurodiversity/mental health in the workplace workshop, and she was phenomenal. She was very accessible to work with, listened deeply to our needs for the workshop, and provided a tailored and well thought out workshop just for us. Her delivery of the workshop was one of the best learning experiences I’ve been part of on the job. One of her strengths is being totally in the moment and responding to and valuing each person’s comments and questions. Staff gave her really high marks in the post-evaluation, and I would hire her again in a heartbeat.

Jacy gave a very informative presentation to our PMI Milwaukee SE WI chapter! Our group was a bit small which lead to very detailed questions and time to really deep dive into the material she presented. This warm and friendly setting proved very interactive and fun for our group. All the participants were very engaged in thoughtful learning. One thing that really stood out was hearing everyone’s stories and how it related to her presentation. Jacy was amazing to work with! I highly recommend her as a meeting or conference speaker!

Nichelle Pfeffer, MBA, PMP

Gary Rifkin

Patty Hendrickson

Matt Booth

Jim Lindell

I recently had the pleasure of hearing Jacy speak at our Greater Madison Area SHRM Summit and truly enjoyed her presentation style, content & energy! She clearly has a great perspective on using core values at work and appreciated the opportunity to hear her speak.

Laura Bermudo

Jacy is an expert communicator with a real passion for serving others. As a speaker, she excels at sharing her incredible knowledge and experience through masterful story-telling and audience engagement to help motivate and inspire her audience to make powerful and meaningful changes in their lives. Jacy has also coached me through a number if challenging issues and I would highly recommend her as a personal coach. Your organization will absolutely benefit from bringing Jacy in!

Loved your presentation, one of the best I’ve seen with GMA SHRM yet. Thanks for doing it for our members!

Brittany Hanson

The program Jacy facilitated on the neuroscience of coaching conversations was of huge value to our Southeastern Wisconsin ATD chapter. The interactive activities helped to connect to the learning, and there was lots of great discussion. I coach others myself, and I was delighted to discover new ideas and techniques to implement thanks to Jacy’s leadership. I definitely recommend working with Jacy.

Andrew C. (Andy) Marris

Jacy’s presentation on Core Values was very interactive, educational, and a lot of fun for the Dairyland HIMSS Chapter! We learned how to communicate better by understanding our own and others values and how to relate to each other. The feedback received by the participants was overwhelmingly positive and uplifted! Thank you Jacy for sharing your experience and knowledge with us!

Gabrielle Falkey

Jacy combines a unique perspective with a strong set of project management skills and a deep insight into people. I have greatly enjoyed her high energy style and look forward to working with her again.

if you are looking for a good pm or coach who will do what it takes to be truly effective, Jacy is the real deal!

Todd Peterson
PMO Consultant at Smart Solutions

Working with Jacy has literally changed my life. She has helped me identify my crucial values, set career and personal goals, and helped me find the tools to attain those goals. Jacy is a a sensitive listener, a powerful motivator, and a highly effective coach. I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Elizabeth Brinnehl
Content Generator

Jacy helped me gain clarity by giving me the space to honestly examine the person I am–and the person I’d like to become. Her frank, no-nonsense attitude and thirst for accountability pushed me to invest the time and effort needed during the coaching process. Her guidance resulted in new goals, lots of action, and a new job about a month after our last session. If you’re looking for a new beginning or just a fresh look on your old ways, Jacy is your woman!

Matt Barnum

Jacy is amazing! Not only is she a great human being, but her ability to help others get unstuck through her creative values-based brainstorming process was transforming for me. In the course of one coaching session, Jacy helped me see connections and links between my underlying discontent and why that discontent was happening.

She took me through an exercise on my values, revealing the gap I couldn’t put my finger on. The process was freeing and encouraging. I walked away more confident in where I needed to go, how to get there and understanding the why that was driving my need to move forward in my career.

I highly recommend you work with Jacy and know you’ll experience her ability to identify connections between your values and what’s keeping you from moving forward.

I was fortunate enough to witness Jacy in action! Her interactive presentation was a great way to get new perspective on the neuroscience of coaching conversations. Her energy and style are very engaging. I highly recommend working with her!

Rhonda Sharpe
Instructional Designer

Jacy walked me through my Myers Briggs results. She was inquisitive, open and guiding all at the same time. It was the first time I had taken the test since I first entered the working world and she helped me make sense of the results as they relate to where I am at now.

She uses humor, her coaching skills and a wealth of experience to help explain the results while engaging me in the process. It was a wonderful experience!

I just wanted to take a minute to formally thank you for the amazing work you have done while working with us. The plans you facilitated and the organization you added were critical to our successful deployments.

I can’t thank you enough for stepping in and making such a significant impact.

I also appreciated how systemic your approach was. Everything was documented and posted with easy access.

Marlene Sharkey

Jacy helped me transition from one phase of my life to the next. I was stuck and she helped me figure out the path I wanted to take. She questioned me in a loving thoughtful way and challenged me to be the best person I can. I feel good about where I’m at and more importantly, where I’m going. Will the road always be smooth? Probably not. But I feel that I’ve learned new ways to look at situations, assess possibilities, and be my most authentic self.


Jacy lead our staff of case managers through some really helpful exercises to help us each identify the values underlying our work and our workplace. Fast paced yet thoughtful and a nice change of pace from our usual information-filled team meetings. Jacy connects very easily with people she has just met and we plan to have her back soon!

Wendy Hecht
Director at Teamwork Associates, Inc.

Working with Jacy was a fantastic experience! Her skilled coaching and insightful use of the MBTI tool gave me new perspectives in multiple areas of my life. In only a couple of sessions, we had tremendous insight into my business and a boost to my creative process. I highly recommend working with Jacy if you are stuck somewhere and need a bump forward!

She is a great thought partner. She meets you where you are and asks great questions. It is a pleasure to collaborate and create with Jacy.

Jacy is a dynamic, results driven professional who inspires and motivates others with her energy, groundedness and creativity. As a coach, she takes her clients down a progressive path that allows for their full expression. Generous and motivating, Jacy sees every challenge as an opportunity and provides a rich, stimulating experience in every interaction. She is courageous, spirited and definitely a breath of fresh air. I endorse her whole-heartedly as an exciting coach, mentor, speaker and consultant.

Gerri Feemster Bostick
Owner at GFB Enterprises

Jacy is a bold and insightful coach with a knack for creating a safe space for self-exploration. She fearlessly asks hard questions and can really cut right down to whatever is truly at the heart of the matter. Our sessions were thought-provoking, challenging, silly, loving and inspirational… sometimes all at the same time! If you’re looking for a skilled coach that is 1000% committed to your success, you need to work with Jacy!

Dona Seboth

Jacy is a highly skilled and engaging speaker and presenter, and any organization would benefit from working with her. We were partners supporting a 16,000 client territory, so I had the pleasure of training and presenting with her often. With warmth, knowledge and energy she was always able to engage an audience, even when assigned training material was dry or highly technical.

Jacy is diligent at engaging clients and identifying their learning needs. She cared about the clients, and that created strong relationships. Regardless if it was one person or 100, Jacy always took the time to ask questions, find out where the knowledge gaps were, then customize a session to ensure it was relevant to that client. She is outstanding and I highly recommend her.

Katherine Fischer
Overseas Trainer and Instructional Designer

Thank you for presenting the Conversational Intelligence workshop to the Wisconsin Women Entrepreneurs (WWE) group in April. You’re an engaging, knowledgeable speaker and the session was fun and interactive! The positive feedback we received from our members was overwhelming!

It was fascinating to learn how our brain reacts to different kinds of communication. The tools and perspectives that were shared were interesting and sparked some very lively discussion. The way you facilitated that discussion to apply new concepts and learning to the attendees’ own situations was very helpful. New information is so much easier to integrate when it’s applied it in a way that’s personally relevant.

We definitely recommend you to any professional group looking for an educational and inspirational speaker!

Deb Klein & Sonya Sullins
WWE Education & Membership Chairs

Jacy’s presentation on Core Values-Based Personal and Community leadership was informational, engaging and fun! Through activity and discussion, we learned how to see our own and others’ core values, as well as understand different perspectives on the same values. She also gave tips on how to use these new skills to build relationships by acknowledging values when we see them. I really appreciate how she customized the presentation to tie into our Rotary club’s values. It really brought people together in a new way by letting them share their personal experience of what Rotary values mean to them. Thank you, Jacy!

Bridget Krueger
Business Banker

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