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Resilience Keynote Speaker Jacy "Imilkcowsonskis" Imilkowski

The Brilliance of Resilience: Beating Burnout In Challenging Projects

Let’s face it: Change is, well… CHALLENGING. So how do you keep you and your team moving forward smoothly when a project deadline is moved up and everyone has to scramble to meet it? Or when a key team member left and you’re struggling to fill the gap? 

Answer: Be a strong, adaptable leader that cultivates resilient teams. 

This session explores the relationship of adversity, resilience, and growth. Approached from a growth mindset, challenges are actually reasons to learn. They show us where our current limits are, then guide us through those limitations into a realm of new tools, skills, and experiences. This open, honest, and funny talk teaches how to choose to growth and learning over burnout and frustration in our biggest leadership challenges. Participants will learn to:

  • Differentiate types of adversity and responses to them
  • Generate powerful conversations that shatter stigmas around adversity
  • Explore your own relationship with adversity, resilience and growth
  • Utilize tools and strategies to overcome personal adversity

Core Values Based Project Management

What it the number one most crucial project management skill? If you said “communication”, you’re right! Core Values Based Project Management takes communication to the next level by teaching how to hear more than just the words people say. Participants will learn to identify the core values of clients, stakeholders, and team members, then apply them to in specific project phases to run more efficient, effective, and successful projects. This knowledge can be used immediately to:

  • Discern the true needs of your clients
  • Create more relevant plans, charters, and requirements
  • Assign resources and tasks more effectively
  • Gauge and manage risks based on what’s truly important to your clients
Resilience Keynote Speaker Jacy "Imilkcowsonskis" Imilkowski

What’s Going On Up There? The Neuroscience of Conversation

During conversation, there’s a neurochemical cocktail that’s influencing (and being influenced by) you and the person you are talking to. This session introduces Conversational Intelligence® (C-IQ®), and other tools for engaging in mindful conversation between leaders, teams, and colleagues. Participants will gain the skills to:
  • Navigate difficult and crucial conversations more effectively
  • Recognize your own conversational strengths and challenges
  • Employ different conversational approaches for specific outcomes
  • Activate effective, compassionate, mutually successful conversation
Resilience Keynote Speaker Jacy "Imilkcowsonskis" Imilkowski
Resilience Keynote Speaker Jacy "Imilkcowsonskis" Imilkowski

Fair Is Fair, Until It Isn’t: Core Values for Leadership and Team Connection

Core values are the guiding principles that dictate our behaviors and actions. This high-energy, interactive session creates a powerful space where you’ll explore individual, team and organizational values. From there participants learn to see how others may honor the same values differently, and how to find strength in that diversity. This knowledge can be applied to:

  • Analyze different perspectives on the same values
  • Enhance interpersonal and organizational communication
  • Prevent and resolve conflict on small and large scales
  • Build stronger connections between individuals and teams

I Just Don’t Know What To Say: How to Talk About Mental Health in the Workplace

We all want to do and say the right things around mental health in the workplace, and sometimes we just don’t know how. This session is a safe, compassionate environment to explore what mental health challenges look like as well as common stigmas and misconceptions that can compound our awkwardness around the topic. Participants will gain real-world tools and skills for more open, comfortable, and effective conversations about mental health at work, such as:

  • Understanding the impact of mental health challenges in the workplace
  • Learning specific language to use when talking about mental health in the workplace
  • Managing unhelpful judgments when they arise
  • Recognizing and addressing behavior that stigmatizes mental health challenges
Resilience Keynote Speaker Jacy "Imilkcowsonskis" Imilkowski
Resilience Keynote Speaker Jacy "Imilkcowsonskis" Imilkowski Myers Briggs

Honoring Strengths and Differences With Myers-Briggs

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) assessments provide a safe, manageable framework to approach the immense topic of individual and team strengths and challenges. Though expanded self-awareness and awareness of others these sessions empower more effective communication, conflict resolution, and team function. The insights provided by this tool allow participants to:
  • Analyze gaps, imbalances, or disconnects within a team
  • Identify individual opportunities for professional development and growth
  • Develop appreciation for the strengths of others
  • Apply strategies for improving dynamic team function

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