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Resilience Keynote Speaker Jacy "Imilkcowsonskis" Imilkowski

The Brilliance of Resilience: Beating Burnout In  Challenging Times

Let’s face it: Change is, well… CHALLENGING. So how do you keep you and your team moving forward smoothly when a project deadline is moved up and everyone has to scramble to meet it? Or when a key team member left and you’re struggling to fill the gap? 

Answer: Be a strong, adaptable leader that cultivates resilient teams. 

This session explores the relationship of adversity, resilience, and growth. Approached from a growth mindset, challenges are actually reasons to learn. They show us where our current limits are, then guide us through those limitations into a realm of new tools, skills, and experiences. This open, honest, and funny talk teaches how to choose to growth and learning over burnout and frustration in our biggest leadership challenges. Participants will learn to:

  • Explore personal relationships with challenge, resilience, and growth
  • Generate powerful conversations that shatter stigmas around challenge and burnout
  • Create psychologically safe spaces for those experiencing challenge
  • Utilize specific tools and skills to cultivate resilience and avoid burnout

Core Values Based Team Leadership

Does “fair” mean that everyone is treated the same, or that everyone is treated as an individual? The answer is: Yes.

Core values are the foundational, guiding principles that dictate human behaviors and actions. How we recognize people’s core values is one of the fastest ways to create a foundation of connection (or conflict) for a team, project, or organization. Honoring values contributes to engaged, productive teams. Missed values lead to disconnection and disengagement.

Knowing others’ values gives profound insight into what keeps teams connected and moving forward, even with conflicting beliefs or points of view. Participants will leave able to:

  • Observe core values through verbal and visual cues
  • Apply core values to create custom employee engagement plans
  • Prevent and Resolve conflicts and disconnections
  • Build stronger relationships between team members and leaders
Resilience Keynote Speaker Jacy "Imilkcowsonskis" Imilkowski

What’s Did My Brain just Say? The Neuroscience of Highly Effective Conversations

Have you ever said something to someone that unintentionally upset, or even offended, them? Even with the best intentions, our words sometimes have unintended impacts. How do you recover from the disconnection and rebuild trust when that happens?

This session provides one solution to that problem:  Conversational Intelligence® (C-IQ®). C-IQ is a neuroscience framework for recovering from unintentional impacts and building trust in communication. During a conversation, there’s a neurochemical cocktail that’s influencing all parties involved. These influences are unconscious, however, we can learn to recognize the signs of neurochemical impacts. That knowledge is key to building relationships with intention and having effective conversations around challenging topics.

This session introduces easy-to-use tools for engaging in effective, connected conversation with clients, peers, and team members. By the end of the session participants will be able to:

  • Navigate difficult and crucial conversations using neuroscience
  • Plan different conversational approaches for specific outcomes
  • Overcome blind spots that negatively impact trust
  • Apply neuroscience to restore positive relationships following a disconnectionDid
Resilience Keynote Speaker Jacy "Imilkcowsonskis" Imilkowski
Resilience Keynote Speaker Jacy "Imilkcowsonskis" Imilkowski

Fair Is Fair, Until It Isn’t: Core Values for Leadership and Team Connection

Core values are the guiding principles that dictate our behaviors and actions. This high-energy, interactive session creates a powerful space where you’ll explore individual, team and organizational values. From there participants learn to see how others may honor the same values differently, and how to find strength in that diversity. This knowledge can be applied to:

  • Analyze different perspectives on the same values
  • Enhance interpersonal and organizational communication
  • Prevent and resolve conflict on small and large scales
  • Build stronger connections between individuals and teams

I Just Don’t Know What To Say: How to Talk About Mental Health in the Workplace

Almost 20% of adults experience mental health challenges, and guess what: Those challenges come to work with them too. Would you like to be more confident and comfortable in the highly likely event that a mental health challenge impacts someone on your project team? 

Everyone wants to do and say the right things around mental health in the workplace, and often we just don’t know how. The fear of making the situation worse, or having to “fix” someone else stops us from engaging.

This session is a safe, compassionate environment to explore what mental health challenges look like, as well as common stigmas and misconceptions that can compound our awkwardness around the topic. Participants will gain real-world tools and skills for more open, comfortable, and effective conversations about mental health at work, including how to:

  • Discuss the impact of mental health challenges in the workplace (even if you’ve never had one)
  • Apply specific language and tools when talking about mental health in the workplace
  • Manage unhelpful judgments and fear around “saying the wrong thing”
  • Recognize and address behavior that stigmatize mental health challenges


Resilience Keynote Speaker Jacy "Imilkcowsonskis" Imilkowski
Resilience Keynote Speaker Jacy "Imilkcowsonskis" Imilkowski Myers Briggs

Honoring Strengths and Differences With Myers-Briggs

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) assessments provide a safe, manageable framework to approach the immense topic of individual and team strengths and challenges. Though expanded self-awareness and awareness of others these sessions empower more effective communication, conflict resolution, and team function. The insights provided by this tool allow participants to:
  • Analyze gaps, imbalances, or disconnects within a team
  • Identify individual opportunities for professional development and growth
  • Develop appreciation for the strengths of others
  • Apply strategies for improving dynamic team function

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